Hoppas ni inte är trötta

Min kollektion ”WackStah By Heart” har använts till mycket och nu använder jag den även som bidrag i en tävling.

Hoppas ni inte är trötta på den. Gå gärna in och ”gilla” min kollektion på – IKEA garderob.

Alla ni som gillar WackStah och det jag skapar supporta!

Nya grejer är på G!

2 tankar på “Hoppas ni inte är trötta”

  1. Linus i just love your colection , it inspires a lot and you really got some talent keep up with the good work and i’m sure you will be big someday, it’s incrediable that you are soo creativ and that you can amaze people like me, you inspire me and I thank you for that 🙂

  2. Thanks and thanks again, for the compliment. And also; thank you for speaking your mind, respons is so important to me.
    I am about to design a new collection, hopfully it’ll be done till spring, but its hard work when you have to do everything yourself. Hopfully I will be able to produce my collection somewhere, that would save me alot of work and time, if so I gon’ sell parts of it and hopfully reach out to alot more people. This collection, the old one, starts to get old now and i think it is important to show people I have much, much more to give.
    Im amzed by your compliments and feel greatful 🙂
    Hope you understand my corny english.

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